Since 2019, a solid waste management project has been developed together with the garbage collection company Fospuca and the Alcaldía Baruta, in order to improve the service in La Palomera. The containers and other waste accumulation devices, when placed at the entrances to the barrios, represent a physical and visual barrier that mark the tacit distinction between what is recognized as "city" and what is excluded from it. Removing them is an important gesture of inclusion.

Through door-to-door collection, waste is collected directly from each house at two times per day, thus allowing the elimination of the open-air container at the entrance of the neighborhood. Seven collection routes cover the various sectors of the neighborhood. The purpose of the program is to provide the inhabitants of La Palomera with a better service, to bring it up to the same standard as the service provided to residents in the rest of the city. It represents an important symbolic and practical gesture of equity and recognition.

map of collection routes
assembled crews
crew making a tour