Events and Celebrations
Virtual Cruz de Mayo Celebration

Since it was not possible to carry out the activity planned as part of the exhibition "Ciudad Completa: La Palomera, recognition and celebration" at Hacienda La Trinidad Parque Cultural, we took advantage of the Zoom platform to carry out a hybrid event of memory and reflection. We remembered the celebration of La Cruz de Mayo in La Palomera that took place just a year ago, and we reflected on the integration strategies that the carvers developed with their projects together with the community, as part of the project "Integration in Caracas Processes". The celebration was animated by the musicians of Tambor y Gloria of the Bigott Foundation, the decimist José Pérez and the children of La Palomera who contributed with décimas written and recited by themselves. Then each group of the "Art and Community" workshops thanked and remembered their experience with the neighbors of La Palomera as part of the offering to La Cruz. The event closed with the reading of the "Manifiesto de la Ciudad Completa" which represents a banner of this program and a promise to the future of the pending work to be done.

Virtual La Cruz de Mayo Celebration