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The model of La Palomera measures 3.20 x 4.00 metres and includes all the sectors of the La Palomera neighbourhood and a strip of its surroundings in the four cardinal points on a scale of 1:20. It is made up of 20 pieces of 0.80 x 0.60 metres in MDF and wood. Some of the wooden houses were made by the community's carpenter, Mr. Augusto. The model shows the relationship of the neighbourhood with the heritage centre of Baruta, the Piedra Azul urbanisation and the Manzanares urbanisation. Its function is not only to describe the topographical and morphological scene of La Palomera, but also to trigger conversations about the evolution, the character of its spaces and to awaken the desire to integrate it more frankly into the complete map of the city.

model assembled at the viewpoint of La Palomera