Public Spaces
Return of the Jeeps

The "la vuelta de los jeeps" is a square-shaped space at the end of the road that goes up to La Palomera, where cars and jeeps can turn around. On the corner is the house of Señora Thaís and from there you go down to the dining room "Punto Solidario" of La Palomera. In the plaza there is a soccer goal frequently used by the children, also used for "caimaneras", informal baseball games and They also use it for "caimaneras", informal baseball games and to play metras. During the celebration of La Cruz de Mayo, it was the scene of some dances performed by the children of the dining room together with Maria Fernanda Absuelta and Dora Peña, as well as an exhibition of the engravings made in the "Taller de Cuadernillos".

Neighbours gathered at the Jeep Rally
Plant drawn by Enlace Foundation
Axonometry drawn by Enlace Foundation