Gardens of La Palomera
The Garden of Elizabeth Gutierrez

The Hernandez family is one of the founding families of La Palomera. Elizabeth has lived in the neighborhood all her life. Elizabeth's mother was the one who started the garden, which was originally located at street level. Then Elizabeth and her brother decided to move it to the backyard of the house, where it used to be a horse feed trough. The garden includes pine trees, aloe vines, malojillo, lemon balm and other species. For watering the plants they implemented a drip irrigation system. Among the plants you can observe different birds and insects such as hummingbirds, bluebirds, turtledoves, guacharacas, butterflies and bees.

Elizabeth in her garden, photograph by Gabriel Nass
Garden by Elizabeth Hernandez, photography by Gabriel Nass
View from the garden of Elizabeth Hernandez, photo by Gabriel Nass
Plant drawn by Enlace Foundation
Axonometry drawn by Enlace Foundation
Ethnobotanical species present