Gardens of La Palomera
Alfonso Carrasco's Garden

The cool shade of a very large avocado tree distinguishes the entrance of the Carrasco family home. Alfonso Carrasco planted it in 1994 along with an apple tree, and he laughingly tells us that at the beginning, while the tree was growing, every December he decorated it as a Christmas tree. The apple tree, which was a curiosity in the neighborhood, was transplanted some time ago on the land of the Diaz family because it was much larger. For more than 20 years, Alfonso has been waiting for the month of August to bring down the avocado harvest, which turns out to be enough to give away and exchange for other food with his neighbors. As a child he liked to go down to the town of Baruta during Holy Week to see the procession of the Virgin and was part of the Association of Cargueros for more than 53 years. At 75 years of age and with 6 great-grandchildren he has decided to pass on his position as a carguero to the next generation.

Alfonso in his garden, photograph by Gabriel Nass
Alfonso in his garden, photograph by Gabriel Nass
View from Alfonso Carrasco's garden, photo by Gabriel Nass
Alfonso Carrasco's garden, photography by Gabriel Nass
Plant drawn by Enlace Foundation
Axonometry drawn by Enlace Foundation
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